We are Triassic Industries.

Craftsmanship. Raw Materials. Natural Design. Commitment.


Our mission is to create heirloom quality goods with the entire process in mind. Our in-house tree service removes hazard trees and invasive species from in and around Moab, Utah. Every bit of every tree is valued and used. Each log goes to the sawmill then to the wood shop then to you.

Triassic Industries has kept over 4 million pounds of
wood waste out of the landfill this year alone.

Made in Moab, Utah

Our stone comes from the mountains and deserts that surround Moab, Utah. The wood we use is a by-product from our tree service. We source our metal from local vendors. All concrete jobs are poured at our shop to your specs. We figure nature does a good job of creating beautiful materials on her own. We make them usable.

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